These pages support and signal
transitions – for Jim lord – from a working life totally given over to self employment as an electrician tradesman, to also working with people and groups of people.
You will find here information on how I came to that change – how I am negotiating the change – and how I hope that change will have value for you also.

You will also find here links to efforts of others that have quite specifically inspired and supported me along the way. These efforts continue to be meaningful and I hold great appreciation for them.

Most importantly, you can find here feedback I have received from participants of groups that I have been with – feedback that refers to my contribution to those groups and supports my continuing groupwork.


You will find more about this throughout my site. In brief my offer is to provide services in the field of group facilitation and group managment; to offer communication training and coaching; and to support and foster change management – all done holding care for the individual members as well as┬áthe group as a whole.