My Offer to Engage Includes –

“Working together” – it’s implicit, even if I attend as a solitary operator – I see my job as being guided by your specifications.

I’ve been self –  – employed for many years – moving from client to client – I’m well skilled at listening to what you want, gauging if it is do-able, and moving on to implementation.

For me, this process of engagement, and achievement remains a constant across a wide range of activities. Yes – you can call on me for a broad spread of solutions.

I am adept at event design and management; the MC role I can step into as required; and I really love using laughter as an energising activity, and am able to combine that with a educative and inspiring content on the juxtaposition of creativity and planning dynamics.

I mix a laughter session with the themes of “Nonsense vs Purpose” so as to use these seeming opposites as a way to create conversation and insights that are crucial to dynamics of teamworks and interpersonal coordination.

Also – it’s true – I am still doing electrical work (I’m very skilled at this!)




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