Jim Lord – Electrical


If you’ve found your way here, I guess you are either really curious, or a customer of mine.

This section is particularly for the latter group. You will have gathered by now – you may even have heard this direct from me – that I’ll not be carrying on my electrical business a lot longer. I actually have no timetable for this change, but am obviously taking direct steps to make the change.

Nevertheless, I also want to make it plain that I’ve enjoyed my work as an electrician – and if you have been a customer of mine – I’m grateful for your work that has come my way.

So – change rolls on, some of you will know my tradesman work ethic has become more and more “battered” as time goes by. I’ll still be earning my living for the moment, electrically, and at the same time focussing on finding greater value from my facilitating and training efforts.

One thing I’d like to know – you might be able to help me here. Can you tell me about any other electricians you hear of or come across – so that I can check them out, maybe work with them a bit – to be sure that I might recommend them to you steady customers – in my place.