Change – an everpresent stream in life. It exists and influences us all, no matter if that change is at the nano, or the mega end of a scale!

This variation of scale means that we are not always aware of the mechanics of change, yet we are often aware of their influences and outcomes.

Within each of us change manifests, and so is present in the groups we participate in also. I see it as a rich part of the harmonics and resonances that form the characteristics, and so our experience, of a group’s life.

The whole tree metaphor acknowledges that we are not always aware of the interplay that brings change to bear upon us. I see facilitation having a prime function to notice and track the energy of change in a group – and to steward the group and its members in the direction they agree upon – in the direction that they desire, and that hopefully best meets there needs for meeting as a group.

Once upon a time – and not so very long ago – I always chose to distance myself from most groups. In fact I often thought that I might choose to retire as a hermit!!

My view has changed – what was once a fear(?) of groups, I now see and value as a sensitivity and strength that allows me insight and comittment in group work.

Is this one of the values that age brings? (Damn – it’s the last thing I want to be – an aged authority!) Yet- I feel deeply the value of life experience now that I’ve reached a certain age, and appreciate all the life that I’ve lived till now. Change has it influences!!

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