Here are extracts of feedback and  responses given to me at various events where I have been either participant or

facilitator/trainer. Some have been given anonymously.

thank you for your quiet joyfulness” Lyn, at a 5 day NVC gathering

Jim I like the way you use interesting and accurate words, meets needs for enjoyment and understanding” anon NVC retreat.

“Jim, your presence gives me faith in man kind” John, 5 day NVC gathering

From community forums both in Melbourne and Brisbane —

“Thank you! Today helped us further achieve an important aspect of the project” anon

I felt inspired to participate, which I haven’t done in quite a while” anon

“Enjoyed and inspired by the open style facilitation” anon

I liked it wasn’t a set agenda. I would definitely like this style of forum again – very liberating” anon

” ..respect of participants. I liked the forum in the sense it provided a safe environment to share ideas.” anon

.. new resources that were previously unknown.” anon

Laughter Club Sesssions –

“it was really funny and fun – Kayley (9 years)

“So much fun, was feeling a little down, but am now feeling fine. Thank you!” Anon

“…I shall be here again – warms my soul” Violet

“Great way to brighten my day.” Katharine