My Links – efforts that I specially value.

Here you will find links to the efforts of others that I particularly value, and want to acknowledge as being significant in shaping the offer that I am presenting here through thewholetree. I love the way all these influences have melded together in my story.

linda robertson First up I’m linking to Linda’s marvellous work, that appears here as my “whole tree” image. Linda was able to simply make visible the idea I was holding. She creates all sorts of beautiful and energetic images – and runs classes that allow you insight into that creative process, and so encourages your explorations in expression.

Groupwork / Commonground I completed Groupworks 2009 facilitation course and found it invaluable learning and support. Spending time in this course enabled me to pull together a lot of diverse threads – that provided me with strengths in facilitation and training modes.

Laughter Clubs Vic Laughter Yoga  Yeah – that’s right I’m a trained laughter leader! Laughter is such a natural and ancient part of our expression – it is fascinating how deliberate focus on it can be so energising.  “We dissolved into laughter!!”

Words of Peace Global Now this link is a big one for me – to what is my “life practice” and has been for 40 years! A life practice  – is where I pause and refresh in life’s energy – as it runs through me.  No –  I don’t always look refreshed, however this practice is sustaining for me, and I love it!

NVC Australia takes you to information links to ways that we can reshape our communication and connections with ourselves and others. I’ve gained much insight from NVC work, and it really is the start of my conscious journey in facilitation work. From here you can source all sorts of local and global information and connections.

OpenSpaceWorld.ORG happily, early in my exploration of NVC, I came across Open Space, a framework for holding group events in an innovative and freeing way. The learning here supports much in the way I work with groups. Again there is a lot to explore from this site.

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